Quantify the amount of effort in things

Maybe it would be a good idea to identify projects based on complexity levels
o L0 – one hour or less
o L1 – two hours
o L2 – four hours
o L3 – one day
o L4 – two days
o L5 – one week
o L6 – two weeks
o L7 – one month –(reflecting on …”month”)  “seize the month” (STM).  How can we create a built-in sense of urgency? How much of this would I do if I only had one month to live? The idea of seizing the month is to try to drive this sense of urgency into everything we do, but not recklessly.
o L8 – two months
o L9 – quarter
o L10 – six months
o L12 – one year
o L13 – two years
o L14 – five years (10,000 hours, based on an 8-hour day) this is the level Malcolm Gladwell would define as expert.

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