Monthly Archives: October 2019

Bureaucracy is the gut biome of the government

I’m just saying. It is sometimes called the fourth branch of the government. Unlike the other three it is not structured but appears to be an inevitable byproduct that forms when the system we call government is created. I think our best attempts to get rid of it have failed. And as we sometimes see, that may not altogether be a bad thing. In the case of your own gut biome, you cannot directly control it. I sometimes refer to a “brain in my stomach”, and I will admit to the idea that it has an awareness that seems quite independent of my conscious will. It seems to know when I’m not home. It seems to know when I am home. But in the case of the government it acts as a form of viscous impedance. That viscosity is generally considered a bad thing, but it does serve to keep things from coming off the rails, whether the rails represent a good direction or a bad direction.