Monthly Archives: July 2019

Color coding drill bits and sockets

In my various build and repair projects, I am always straining to read the markings of sockets and drill bits.  Being an electrical engineer, I was accustomed to the “old school” color code scheme used to mark resistors, and I thought I could adapt it as a way to establish an at-a-glance approach for identifying which socket or drill bit I was using.  I am not aware of any other description of this simple concept, so I thought I would share it here.  This post describes the method I used to adapt the code for socket/drill bit sizes and the approach I used to mark these items.  It’s still an experiment, so I cannot at the moment vouch for its utility or for the durability of the marking paints I selected (in case you want to mimic this concept).  Also, I am interested in any better alternatives.

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