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Makerbot Log, Simple hollow cube

In my next test, I tried to design a simple hollow cube in Sketchup and export to .stl using the nice exporter plug-in script from here.

Here is what I tried to design.  It’s a 9mm cube hollowed out to 1mm struts and little posts (1mm cubes) placed on top to form a spacer when stacking.

Here is what I saw when imported the design into the ReplicatorG, prior to sending to the MakerBot:

And this is what happened when I ran the MakerBot:

Here’s a slight closeup:

As you can see, two of four “legs” (on the right) are built up, but for some reason the two on the left are omitted.  The makerbot still tries to make the top correct, but fails miserably, squirting hot plastic goo around.